Technical Meets Creative – Aluminium Product Photography

I never could have thought I’d enjoy photographing aluminium so much. When Gooding Aluminium approached me with a brief to shoot their entire range of aluminium products as well as an expansive number of creative shots for their website re-design, I was very happy that I’d get work with people who clearly see materials photography as not only a technical exercise, but very much a creative process too. It is challenging to bring out the variations in types of metal finish as well as explain the product – it requires a perfect harmony of technical and creative thinking, from both client and photographer.

So a big thank you to David Gooding for his vision and patronage and congratulations on the new website. I look forward to photographing some of the materials in use in some of the most luxurious buildings around the country.

– Tiina Erameri

Gooding Aluminium 2018 Glazing Channel Brochure. Photography of both images on the brochure and of it by Tiina Erameri.
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