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Tiina Erameri is an international jewellery and product photographer with studio in central London.

She mainly photographs jewellery, watches and cosmetics for creative advertising briefs as well as e-commerce and PR.

Tiina Erameri is one of the most sought after jewellery photographers in London, having worked with some of the capital’s most reputable and prestigious companies to photograph a wide range of jewellery and watches as well as cosmetics. As one of the most creative and widely respected of all commercial photographers in London, Tiina Erameri has an eye for detail and passion for her subject, which sets her work apart from other product and advertising photographers.

Having founded her own studio in 2009 and built up an impressive portfolio, Tiina Erameri now works with some of the most illustrious names in the jewellery and advertising industry to help create stunning visual campaigns which truly capture the uniqueness and elegance of the items she photographs. With her hard-earned expertise in creative still life photography, Tiina Erameri’s work stands out and is defined by her innate understanding of colour, light and form. With her unrivalled knowledge of composition and keen appreciation of beauty, she has become a leading jewellery photographer in London with many high-profile clients seeking her services.

For more information about the photography services Tiina Erameri provides, please contact the studio today on 07910162967 to find out more. Or email tiina@erameri.com for a quick quote.

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