Packshots that sell – Lottie London case study

Studio Erameri has done the packshots and studio lifestyles for Lottie London since their launch. The cosmetics brand went straight into Superdrug and has been selling incredibly well since the start. We’d like to take some credit for making it easy for a new brand to take off fast.

Fast turnaround of the product photography has been the key to keeping a large retailer happy. Beauty products often cannot be mocked up, so the packshot needs to be done when the product is already shipping to the retailers. So understandably there’s only a couple of days window to get the images to them. And the images need to be consistent and professional every time.

Photographer Tiina Erameri says:

Cosmetics packaging always presents some challenges to the photographer. Especially tricky are reflective materials like plastic and metal. But I’m are used to shooting jewellery, which is nothing but reflections, so for me personally this is easy and I can shoot as fast as I would shoot a simpler item. I never rely on post-production because that would just slow the delivery of the images. So I shoot the products well, and then the images are ready with the minimal amount of retouching – often just a dust clean and a cut-out.

Lottie London photographer
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