Escargot Collection Skincare reached Top 10 on Amazon after switching their photography to Studio Erameri
product packshot

Adam Kenny-Singh in August 2016 on LinkedIn:

“My company is now a top 10 best seller on Amazon. Hard work and persistence is paying off.”

“Thank you Tiina Erameri … the photos you did for have been admired by a lot of people!”

Tiina Erameri:

“Adam came to me desperate. I was the 5th photographer he was trying out. So I had a feeling this guy just might make it since he’s willing to try so hard and clearly has vision. For me his products were not difficult to shoot. I mean, they are, but I’ve dealt with metallic sheen so many times that for me it’s routine (I do product photography for jewellery and other beauty brand clients). I get the greatest satisfaction from my work when I know I’ve made a positive contribution to the success of other people.”

Product packshot
Product photography by Studio Erameri for Escargot Collection
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