The studio shares the building with The Covent Garden Plants Company. To celebrate their new blog we just took some pictures at one of their client’s offices in central London. They are now also adding snapshots, so you can see what the daily life of office plants and people who keep them alive is like.

Below are couple of the images we took for them:

Office photographyoffice photography

Studio Erameri does interior photography as well as product photography. Sometimes the two go together when a client has their own bespoke furniture installed in a new property development. Or like in the case of office plants, when the product is part of the environment.


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  1. Yes those images are looking good..and garden plants in office space is a really fantastic idea…!!!! people will try to decorte those offices.

  2. Hi Tiina, we met at the Magento conference last year and talked photography. Nice looking office space and the plants look fantastic!! I will be sure to bear them in mind when we move to a larger premises.

    1. Hi Martin, thank you and yes Alex and the team do a really good job. I wish I could have more flowers and plants in the studio, but I think they would get in the way of photography work.

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